Freedom Ports Alliance

Counter Trafficking in Persons through Airlines and Airports

Every safe community is built on great values


To Uphold the integrity of the state, Rule of law and serve all equally with integrity and respect, even when no one is looking


The compelling sense that moves us to proactively identify and assist those vulnerable to modern-day slavery


Our dedication to go the extra mile to ensure that those vulnerable are safe in our care


We work together, across boundaries to meet the needs of those we serve


We will respond appropriately to fast changing trends and systems


Build a global network where port stakeholders prevent modern-day slavery together through educating every individual to proactively identify human trafficking, respond effectively in a trauma informed manner to protect the vulnerable and ensure the port remains a safe environment


To work alongside port stakeholders by serving the port community with a holistic approach to prevent human trafficking, through ongoing training, in-person profiling, support and collaboration with trusted partners to ensure best practices services for possible victims of trafficking and safe passage for those repatriated

Global Safety Network

In-Person Response Expert Support

Proactive Victim Identification

Holistic Approach

Comprehensive Training

Trafficking Related Risk Assessment

Data Mapping Trauma-informed Support

Surveillance & Intercept

Freedom Ports Alliance


Equipping ports services to build safer communities


Experience Include: Ports Monitoring, Case Management, Investigation, Case Management, Trauma-Centred Care, Reinstatement, Anti-Trafficking Advocacy, Conflict Resolution, Business Continuity Operations, Research and Ongoing Academic Studies in Relevant Fields.


Provide training for key stakeholders, boost multi
service sector collaboration within the airports


Collate data, hot flights, trafficking briefing, analyse


Impetus for urgency to weave a global safety net

Our Partners