I can still remember as if it was today – when I received a call in 2018 from a partner organization
called Love Justice in Johannesburg asking if I could please prayerfully consider to become part of the
pioneering team of Cape Town LJ Team.
It would entail, finding a suitable team and supervising the work they were about to start at the
When I am looking back, I am just in awe and my heart is swamping over with gratitude.
A few months later we started the operations with 2 amazing employees unrolling for the next 14
months which would become impactful for the rest of my journey in the Anti – Human Trafficking
field. It opened my eyes to the massive problem we have in the country; but at the same time gave
me hope that a change is possible!
From working together with the stakeholders especially immigration to training up the cleaner at the
toilets – it became very clear that “everybody” needs to become part of the fight against the
modern-day slavery taking place at our borders of the country.
Everybody has their part to play!
I am thankful looking back for several calls that we received over the following month of the e.g.
Government agencies at the port requesting our assistance with identifying potential victims.
One time, we were called from the Immigration at the Departure side. They met a little boy (at the
age of 11) that was on his way to see his daddy in West Africa. The papers didn’t match up
completely, however because of the workload they still led the boy go through. After he passed the
control, they gave us a “call” requesting to please follow up on this boy and see if all was actually in
We rushed over and sadly realized that the boy was already on the plane that was rolling out and
about to leave South Africa. In spite of our efforts, we couldn’t stop the youngster from leaving.
Due to the amazing networks and partnerships, we have with several countries we were able to call
the “Airport officials” of the place of destination who identified the boy upon arrival and could from
there, identify him as a victim of trafficking. He was placed in a home of safety!
This just showed me again, that it takes us all to put a stop to trafficking and that it is crucial that we
establish a work – the relationship between Government and Freedom Ports Alliance in order,
together, to put an end to the modern-day slavery
I am thankful for all the work Freedom Ports Alliance has already done and I would highly
recommend the work they are doing.

by Salome Geiger